Klaipėda, Lithuania

Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas

Bakery „Prökuls“ (german for „Priekulė“) fosters long-lasting German traditions of pastry and confectionary. The purpose of the interior was to create a combination of old and new. Old recipes of German pastry are written of the walls and the other walls are tiled with static fittings. Elegant chairs, light shelves and sterile grey colour covered floor. Modern form of hanging lamps. A logo was designed for this object following the combination of old and new.

Awards / Nominations

"Auksinė paletė 2010" - 1st place and Golden Palette reward with a diploma in the category of public interior.

Press / Publications

Dizaino Indeksas LT2012 | 2012
Auksinė paletė | 10 | Namas ir aš | 2011
Konkurse - reveransas klaipėdiečiams | Klaipėda | 2011
"Auksinės paletės" - geriausiems šalies interjero kūrėjų projektams | Statyk! | 2011

Internet links

Dizaino Indeksas LT2012 | 2012
„Auksinės paletės“ – geriausiems šalies interjero projektams | | 2011