Palanga, Lithuania

Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas
Drawings: Gintarė Manikė
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas

It’s been three decades already since bakery “Kimba” delighted Palanga residents and its guests with its products, so it is natural that the new interior combines contemporary and retro stylistics which is so characteristic to Palanga embracing long history of a seaside resort. Having reconstructed an old cafe-shop the premises were rearranged and expanded nearly threefold. Just after entering the door the client passes into the shop area and deeper in the hall there is a cafe. Laminated chipboard tiles as if painted in whitish colour partly used for walls finishing and carcase furniture made from the same material colourfully match with plywood worktops and laminated floor covering. This composition is supplemented with shades of the fabric of different shape hanging lampshades and painted chairs. Colour spice for the interior – settee upholstered with yellowish imitation leather. Its size and elements are matched with stylised retro form chairs and carcase furniture. Specially designed wallpapers evoking newspaper ads of the last decade add original historicity to the interior.