Klaipėda, Lithuania

Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas, Valdas Kontrimas
Interior signage design: Ramūnas Manikas
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas

The office of the company “Osteca” is based in the old former warehouse building. The building is well-preserved, so it was decided not to disguise time proved architecture elements while fitting out the interior. Red brick walls are left and polished additionally; old roof carcass elements are renewed. While creating new elements, those were coordinated with the old ones. Only few dormers were installed additionally. Joint reception, employees’, managers’ offices and meeting hall areas were set up in three rooms, parted by old red brick walls. A warehouse, kitchen and bathrooms are fit out in the annex to the building. The colors of grey and black textile flooring tiles and white office furniture and shelves are coordinated with red bricks and roof timber. The bright red color of the company’s logo is emphasized in the interior as well. The chairs are upholstered with textile of a similar color and red paper document files are chosen for the office. Only managers’ offices differ by their colors in the interior. Walnut timber furniture is used there, coordinated with black leather chairs. The design of the interior signage was also created for this site.