Plungė, Lithuania

Interior design: Ramūnas Manikas, Gintarė Manikė
Photography: Ramūnas Manikas

In the new block of “Porto” hotel a hotel reception, swimming pool and bath-house areas and 17 new rooms were built. The interior was created with no regards to the old interior solutions, but vice versa, forming a new hotel image. At the ground floor reception area long life and noble materials were used: walnut wood, copper lamps and natural stone look tiles. The colors of the materials are all natural, creating the expression of solidity and seriousness. In the rooms and halls which connect them, situated on other floors bright textile waves patterned flooring dominates. The furniture and doors are made of materials, which color is similar to walnut. Their tonally bright colors combination is counterbalanced with brownish walls’ shades and brown bed backrests and curtains materials. The hotel’s navy name is emphasized with black and white pictures of sailboats framed and hung all over the interior.